I decided that I would write a note about Hanes. I have to admit that I love all of their tag less t-shirts and underwear. I even like their black socks. But I recently decided that if they make all of those things so well, then I should try their white socks. That was a huge mistake, I thought maybe it was just that I had put on a bad pair. Since I had purchased a bunch in a bag, it turns out they are all bad. Their concept with tag less clothes which prevents skin irritation obviously isn’t a consideration in the White socks department.

Their Black socks, which I’m currently wearing, understands the need for comfort. So I have to assume that they attended the same training that the t-shirt and underwear executives must have attended. The White socks has that sewn area that goes across the top of the toes and just irritates the heck out of me, since the sewn bumpy thing is on the inside.

Soon I will be dropping off the whole lot at Goodwill, which I guess is good. Someone is getting mostly never used socks, I’ve only worn a few of them. I will be going back to my Gold Toe brand or I will wear my black socks all the time. Which now I know why you see older people in shorts with calf high black socks. They know what they want and that’s comfort and I’m onboard for that.

My little girls Birthday!

We have been celebrating my daughters birthday this week. I took 3 days off from work for this. On the first day we went to the Pacific Science Center and the Space Needle in Seattle. We then went and met my brother and Nephew who are visiting (working). They work for a company that builds stages for stadiums, and they are currently on a tour that has a stop at  CenturyLink Field. They gave us a quick tour of the stage and then we were off to dinner.

Today, the second day, we went to the Seattle Aquarium and a Seattle Harbor cruise. Afterwards we met my brother and nephew at the Pike Place Market and walked down to the waterfront to find a place to eat.

We still have two more days that we are doing things on our “Staycation”, which includes the zoo in Seattle and a farm called Fox Hollow Farm. I will be beat when this week is over. But the looks on her face when she sees and experiences all the things were doing, is why we do this.

Its too bad that the drive from Seattle to Gig Harbor is such a chore. After eating dinner in Seattle, it took 2 & 1/2 hours for us to get home, on a drive that should take only 40 minutes. The only place that I’ve been to that has worse traffic than Seattle is Los Angeles. Washington is such a beautiful state, with lots to see and do. It just takes forever to get anywhere or do anything.


So with the name of the domain being about saving and retirement, I probably should write about investing. Even though we are a 1 income family, I do save as much as I can.

I try to invest a minimum of 10% to my retirement accounts. At one point I was putting in 25% into my 401k. I know that there are sites where families have retired after only working 10 or so years, by saving 60 – 70 percent of their income. That would be a nice goal, but that’s not my current thing. So occasionally I plan to write about the various investments I have. Eventually I will create a page that shows my investments and what my ballpark total balance is.

I definitely should probably minimize the funds that I’m in. Currently I have investments in probably 20 different funds and maybe 5 stocks. I prefer to be extremely aggressively invested. The way I see it is that I will eventually have a small pension. This pension is what I consider my base, therefore I can go aggressive on other accounts.

About a month ago I purchased shares of Nestle, so far its done ok. Considering the whole BREXIT thing occurring, it hasn’t even phased Nestle shares. I’m not the type of person that can tell you why certain investments make more or less sense than another. I buy based on things I’ve read or how I feel. A few years back I bought into a fund called FBIOX, I was stunned at how much that fund earned in interest. This year however hasn’t been that great. But I’m in for the long haul, so we will see where it goes.

Lately I’ve been trying to come up with ways that I can put about 10k into some type of investment for my daughter. If you put 10k in an account that earns interest about 8% for 60 years (her retirement age), it would be worth $1,012,000.00 give or take. That’s without contributing another dime to it.


Eventually I did get a degree, B.S. in Management Information Systems. I’ve also earned several certifications, CCENT, CCNA, CCNA-Security, CISSP, & CEH along the way. All three of my CISCO certs have expired. In the Networking world, everyone talks about how they used to have a CISCO cert. CISCO requires that every 3 years you either retake the same cert or one that is equal or higher, in order to maintain your certification. With my two other certs, I just have to earn continuing education credits. Earning credits is way easier than having to study for and pass another cert.

I’m always asked if its more important to have certs or degree. I think that both help to create a well rounded candidate. But the certs and experience will definitely get your foot in the door.

That being said, one of my regrets though, is that I should have completed an MBA. At my school if you immediately started after finishing a bachelors degree, you wouldn’t have to take the GMAT as long as you were a business school major, which I was.

Another regret is not also getting an engineering degree. I must have changed my major 6 times. Two of the times I had engineering majors, to this day I wished that I would have completed under those programs. I also wished that I would have taken more English classes. If you’ve made it this far in this new blog, you probably agree that I need work in that topic.

In college I had friends that were English majors, and it was easy to have them proof my work before handing it in. In hindsight that didn’t help the future me that much. But it does teach you to be resourceful, which is a good trait in the business world.


I served 6 years in the U.S. Navy. While in the navy I got to participate in Operation Desert Shield and then Operation Desert Storm. I was in the navy nuclear power program. The nuke program is two years of intense training. Its funny, because I dropped out of college and joined the navy. And in the navy I got to spend two years in training, which included all these very stressful classes, and if I would have just stayed in college I could have graduated with a degree. I remember there was a clipping of a magazine article that talked about the most stressful schools in America, and the nuke program was listed along with Harvard and MIT as being the most stressful schools.

I’m a disabled veteran, and I’ve been battling the VA on issues for awhile now. But I have learned a few things along the way and met people that are willing to help. It can be daunting when there is no one to turn to or ask questions to for help with the process. It does take a very very long time, so if you have a claim, get started sooner than later.

The experiment!

This is my experiment in creating a WordPress site. I’ve owned this domain for a very long time. I periodically change my various domains to try something new.

By the way, for those of you that are interested in purchasing this domain name, listen up. For the price of one Class A share of Berkshire Hathaway stock (NYSE: BRK.A), you can purchase this domain name. That would definitely help me in my goal of saving to retire. The price today is currently at $211,000.00/share.